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🍬 Protein Bars vs Chocolate Bars 🍬

Protein bars sometimes get a bit of a bad rap due to the number of calories they contain.

But calories only play a small part in weighing up whether something is a 'good' or 'bad' food choice. And this applies to ALL foods, not just protein bars.

We need to focus on WHAT those calories are made up from.

Let's compare a good quality protein bar with a standard chocolate bar (which just so happens to be my favourite 😆).

You'll see that although the calories per bar are almost identical, with the protein bar I'm getting:

🍬 12g more bar to eat

🍬 17.7g MORE protein resulting in increased satiety

🍬 22g LESS sugar (that's over 5tsp less 😱)

🍬 100% more satisfaction for making a better choice

🍬 the desired sweet fix without the undesired sugar high (and crash)

So yes - calories are important but we can make better choices by understanding WHAT are calories are made up of.

Check your food labels next time you're shopping - it pays to be more aware as to where our calories are coming from! 👊

P.S - yes I ate the protein bar and NOT the Wispa Gold 🤣

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