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Beautcamp  "Turn that Booty into Beauty"

Join our Female Only Windsor bootcamp sensation at Imperial Park, Windsor!
HIIT & Circuit style workouts to the latest music, suitable for all levels - first week FREE!!!

About Us

Welcome to Beautcamp Windsor. Providing effective workouts and a strong community spirit. 

We are not your standard fitness class. We offer varied workouts, interactive group sessions and ALWAYS ensure our classes are welcoming, effective and accessible to all. We want everyone who comes to our classes to have fun, work hard and ultimately turn that Booty into Beauty! 🍑

Beautcamp offer a fantastic range of classes with a mix of Kettlebells, TRX, Slam Balls, Dumbbells and your own bodyweight included. We incorporate a number of different training modalities and group activities in to our workouts and no two sessions are the same.


Your instructors Lou and Laura work hard to ensure your training with Beautcamp is effective yet fun, ensuring you see and feel the benefits. And we'll throw a few challenges in for good measure!!


All our classes are suitable for all levels and if you're new to Beautcamp you can enjoy your first class for FREE.

Book here for the class of your choice. Online and park sessions available!


Meet Your Beautcamp Instructors

Louise Wilcockson

Windsor Beautcamp 

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Hi - I'm Lou! 

I'm a Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer whose training is about being functional yet fun. I like nothing more than keeping up to date with the latest training developments, techniques and equipment to ensure my training is always fresh.

I specialise in female fitness, nutrition, fat loss and pre and postnatal training.


I'm passionate about helping people, approachable and able to bring something new to your training. Put the fun back into fitness & join our Beautcamp!

Laura B.jpg
Laura Bushell

Windsor Beautcamp Instructor


I’m Laura, a long-time Beautcamp attendee.

Beautcamp was really where I found my love of exercise, as well as a supportive and fun community. I now love nothing more than throwing weights around, whether that be a kettlebell in the park or Olympic weightlifting at a barbell club.

Additionally, I have been on my own weight-loss journey, completely changing my relationship with food and my body (dropping three dress sizes in the process!) so I feel I can also relate to many of the struggles women face.

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